The class VSAR 302 with Professor D was awesome I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The lectures were enlightening, and I’m glad she made us look at different artists because it led to knew inspirations! All the projects I enjoyed because they were challenging, one project that I didnt like was the alphabet project, but only because I’ve done it a few times before! Other than that I did enjoy the class and would definitely recommend it to others!


Contemporary Artists


Edward Burtynsky-

This artist takes large format images of landscapes being destructed by industries such as mine tailings, quarries, scrap piles. His artwork is not only beautiful but it definitely displays the destruction that industry has on nature. I am intrigued by his style and technique.



Denis Darzacq-

This artist, from France, focuses primarily on the individual, and their place in society. Which is shown through his work, which is through pictures of people “levitating” in space, defying gravity and being “free”. I think his work is creative and innovative. I like his style deep contrast.



Uta Barth-

From Los Angeles County, this artist likes to play with the perception and ties between what the camera sees and what is missed by the human eye. She tends to focus on light as the subject because there is an “absence¬†absence of a clear object or landscape, atmosphere and light become her subjects.” Her art is interesting because this absence of the subject makes us create a subject out of light.


Mid Semester Quiz

1) A camera is a box that captures light.

2) Depth of Field is the definition between the background and the foreground, I would use a Depth of Field that blurred the background in a portrait to focus on the subject. You can change depth of field by changing the aperture.

3) Birds Eye View, Worm View, Framing, Leading Lines, Distance to Subject

4) If i’m in a low light situation I would bump up my ISO to about 500-1000, if your ISO becomes too high your pictures then become grainy.

5) Aperture is like the pupil in the eye and it controls the depth of field, aperture is defined in f-stops. Shutter speed is the speed at which the shutter opens and closes, it is defined within 1/second.

6) Red Eye Correction, Crop, Brush, Mask

7) Lightroom you can hit black and white in develop, or you can bring down the saturation to grey scale. In photoshop you can go to the channel mixer, and hit monochrome and set the values for RBG.

8) Street Photography is taking pictures in public, opposite of studio, either take candids of people and the settings and buildings.

9) He used a light sensitive chemical plate in a truck (a pinhole camera) and exposed the chemicals to the light and developed them on the spot.

10) Richard Avadon was best known for fashion photography, and then dived into portrait photography towards the end of his career.